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Taizhou Zhongtian Holding Group Co., Ltd. is a real estate professional development enterprise with second-level qualifications in Jiangyan District, Taizhou City. It adheres to the green values of harmonious coexistence between man and nature to create a "good house in the heart of Jiangyan". Up to now, we have developed into a warm "ideal life comprehensive service provider". We have always made unremitting efforts to create a better life for the people.


Relying on an excellent development environment, strong brand influence, strong competitive strength, and forward-looking planning perspective, Zhongtian Group has worked hard for 24 years and accumulated 24 years of concentration, and has successfully produced villas, multi-storey apartments, high-rise apartments, A series of boutique residences such as retirement homes and affordable housing. From the exemplary affordable housing in Zhongtian New Village and Smart Community Zhongtian Second Village, to Fangzhongtian Tsinghua Park, a larger landmark school district in the whole district; from Taizhou City Commercial Housing Development Benchmark Pengxinli Garden to the new Chinese villas in Suzhong Tianyuyuan; and the successively developed Kanghua New Village, Kanghua Second Village, Zhongtian Flower Garden, Zhongtian Commercial City, Qintong Water Market, and the second phase of Zhongtian Tsinghua Park (namely 3, 4, 5) District), Zhongtian Yuyuan Second District and other projects, and then to the Phoenix Terrace, Magnolia Garden, Taoli Jingyuan, Taoyuan Residence, and Yongjin Mansion jointly launched with the famous real estate companies Country Garden, Sunac, Blu-ray Real Estate, and Jiangyan Urban Investment , In 2020, Zhongtian Group will move forward to Nanjing, Yancheng, and Taizhou to launch Yongjin Yijing Mansion, Yueshan Linyu Garden, Shuxiang Mansion, and Yancheng Projects that have not been named yet. 

Taizhou Zhongtian Holdings is determined to forge ahead, open and close vertically and horizontally, and the total development volume has reached more than 5 million square meters.Since 2014, annual sales have grown at an average rate of 70%. By the end of 2016, the company's development area has reached more than 25% of the Jiangyan district share. Zhongtian's brand recognition, reputation, and loyalty are all high. The average value of the real estate industry in Taizhou is in the leading position in the industry. Now Zhongtian has developed into a modern enterprise group focusing on comprehensive real estate development and concurrently engaged in housing sales, property management, financial investment, and elderly care services. With its ever-increasing brand value, it leads the development of the market and sees the future of the city.


In the future development, Zhongtian Company will continue to adhere to the corporate philosophy of "market-oriented, quality-centered, talent-based, and continuous improvement of economic strength and comprehensive quality"; it will continue to practice "provide quality products and services, To achieve the corporate purpose of achieving a win-win situation for the company, employees and customers; firmly uphold the corporate spirit of “dedication and self-reliance, truth-seeking and innovation, honesty and trustworthiness, and striving to exceed”. Continue to strengthen the construction of Zhongtian's brand, character and quality, and create new brilliance for Zhongtian's business in the era of realizing the Chinese dream. Solve more jobs, pay more taxes, and create more wealth for the society; at the same time, drinking water thinks about its source, repays the society, actively participates in public welfare and charity, actively participates in poverty alleviation, and fulfills the social responsibility of private enterprises.


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