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        On October 2015, Taizhou nursing home integrating medical care, nursing, rehabilitation and old-age care was established, creating a new mode of combination of medical care and nursing. Zhongtian nursing home is mainly aimed at the elderly and the disabled over 55 years old in Jiangyan district and surrounding areas. Meanwhile, it also takes into account the low-income, three no "and five guarantees" elderly people who are provided by the government, so as to meet the functional needs of long-term residence, short-term residence, home and day care Please.

        For patients who can't take care of themselves, precise "medical care" should be implemented, and nurses and nurses should work together. Provide daily life care and psychological counseling for the elderly who feel lonely. In view of hospice care for patients, take humanized management, family members can accompany but not care, by nurses, nursing workers, this new model makes up for the lack of "nursing care for the elderly" in nursing homes and "treating diseases but not providing for the aged" in hospitals, and solves the problem of family pension.

Our approach is as follows:

        1. We have established perfect medical and nursing rules and regulations, perfect life nursing work process and assessment mechanism, and signed the medical service agreement of Jiangyan district designated nursing home of basic medical insurance with Jiangyan District Social Security Center, striving to improve the management level of medical, nursing and nursing, relieve the worries of family members, provide high-quality services for the elderly, and establish and improve medical insurance management services Departments should strengthen the education of hospital infection knowledge, and sign directional flow contracts for medical waste disposal.

        2. The medical team has established a hospital type medical record file for each elderly person. After admission, they will have a comprehensive physical examination, comprehensively evaluate the health status of the elderly, make disease diagnosis, and determine the nursing level.

        3. Implement the three-level ward round system, carry out intensive ward round for the elderly every day, and deal with changes in the condition at any time.

        4. A large number of nursing staff work in the nursing home to provide all-round nursing for each elderly person: ward round, temperature measurement, blood pressure measurement, blood glucose measurement, nasal feeding, catheterization, infusion, medication, bedsore nursing, nursing document writing, duty, shift handover, etc.

        5. Our hospital has a team of nursing staff who have been trained. They are not afraid of dirty and tired. They live together with the elderly and carry out 24-hour life care. They provide services for the elderly, such as bathing, cutting fingernails (toes), haircut, turning over, feeding, carrying feces and urine, washing clothes, accompanying care and so on.

        6. The canteen provides delicious meals for the elderly, changes the menu every day, and often listens to the opinions of the elderly and their families to ensure the quality of life.

        7. Rehabilitation treatment, psychological consultation and recreational life are also normal work, so that the elderly can get the warmth of home.

        8. Participated in long-term care insurance, and more than 30 elderly residents have passed the examination.

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