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        Since the establishment of the hospital, it has been reported by Jiangyan TV station "people's livelihood concern" for many times that "Zhongtian nursing home is a good place for the elderly".

        In January 2018, it was awarded the title of "provincial demonstration pension institution";

        In November 2018, it was awarded the title of "4A level social organization standardization construction" in the city;

        In November 2018, it passed the provincial demonstration pension institution of combination of medical care and nursing, which was appraised and certified by experts;

        In January 2019, it passed the evaluation of "standardization construction of elderly care service institutions" by China social welfare and elderly care service association, and was listed as an enterprise "reaching the standard in Jiangsu Province for the standardized construction of elderly care service institutions".

        In 2019, it won the title of the third provincial "senior civilization".

        In 2019, it won the title of "respecting the elderly civilization" in the third district.

        With a sense of responsibility, to improve the nursing home care service standards, our hospital to "carry forward the culture of filial piety for the elderly, highlight the beauty of filial piety of children, improve the happiness index of the elderly" as the working standard, so as to let the elderly "have a basis, a sense of security and medical care", strengthen the organizational construction, infrastructure construction, post construction, nursing level construction, so that the elderly can get life and diet Entertainment, health and psychological services, as well as standardized and convenient medical care, rehabilitation and pension services.

        With a sense of love, we will carry out the service commitment of "providing medical care and care for the elderly" for the elderly, and publicize the project content and price, and accept the supervision of patients and society.

Correctly handle the six relationships:

        First, there should be a spirit of unity and cooperation among employees.

        Second, the staff and the elderly should have the same feelings of treating their parents well.

        Third, there should be a close relationship between the elderly and the elderly, such as family members, to help each other.

        Fourthly, there should be close ties between the elderly and the family.

        Fifthly, there should be a complex of understanding and trust between the nursing home and the elderly family members.

        Sixth, propaganda and guidance should be done between the nursing home and the visitors.

        In the work, adjusting and handling the details will make some problems dissipate in the bud, remove all kinds of hidden dangers, and let the elderly spend a good old age.

        Taizhou Jiangyan Zhongtian nursing home is a demonstration base for nursing and elderly care. Adhere to the service tenet of "all for the elderly and all for the elderly", advocate humanized service, and through our efforts, let the elderly live in their old age and live a happy life here.

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