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        Taizhou Jiangyan Zhongtian nursing home was officially opened on October 28, 2015. It is one of the top ten projects for the people run by the district government. It holds the registration certificate of private non enterprise units, the establishment license of pension institutions and the practice license of medical institutions issued by Jiangyan district health and Family Planning Commission. It is a designated unit of medical insurance and agricultural insurance in Jiangyan district.

        Zhongtian nursing hospital has a total of 136 beds, 99 approved medical beds, with a construction area of about 10000 square meters. According to the national and relevant industry standards, it is equipped with advanced medical equipment, and has established a medical and nursing team composed of doctors, nurses and nursing workers. It employs physicians with high and intermediate titles, and has a nurse station, which can provide 24-hour service.

        Zhongtian nursing home has four levels, each layer is divided into different functional areas.

        The first floor is the outpatient medical service area, equipped with Dr, B-ultrasound, ECG, biochemical test and infusion room.

        The second floor to the third floor is the nursing living area,

        The fourth floor is the canteen and rehabilitation center, equipped with indoor track, various fitness, sports equipment, etc.

        Nursing and living area, mainly for the disabled, semi disabled elderly, and the elderly. Each room has good lighting and ventilation, the color is clean and soft. There is an independent toilet with air conditioning in summer and radiator in winter. And barrier free access and various protective measures.

        According to the national standards, our hospital has set up a rehabilitation training area for the elderly, equipped with complete training equipment, cognitive assessment training software system and other related facilities, and arranged relevant personnel to carry out exercise therapy rehabilitation training, occupational therapy rehabilitation training, cognitive, spiritual rehabilitation training and speech therapy rehabilitation training for the elderly.

        In addition, the nursing living area is also equipped with reading room, information learning room, chess and card room, multimedia room, psychological consultation room and other entertainment facilities. It is a harbor for the elderly to enjoy life, relieve pressure and relax body and mind.

        The public area elevator is equipped with intelligent identification system to ensure the living safety of the elderly to a greater extent.

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