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Zhongli Hongde · Tiandi Renhe


         Just as Zhongtian’s corporate culture advocates neutral Hongde, Tiandi Renhe, Chairman Liu Yuezhu entrusts Hongde to act and lead by example, whether he is a person or a business, he insists on standing up with morals and persuading people with morals, "I make a house like I "will make due contributions to society.

         In the era of continuous realization of the Chinese Dream, Zhongtian has not only created new brilliance in its career. It also solves more jobs, pays more taxes, and creates more wealth for the society;

         At the same time, drinking water thinks about its source, returns to the society, actively participates in public welfare and charity, actively participates in poverty alleviation, and fulfills the social responsibility of private enterprises.

         From "a good house in the hearts of Jiangyan people" to now developing into a warm "ideal life comprehensive service provider", we have always made unremitting efforts to create a better life for the people.


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