Zhongtian Second Village

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Zhongtian Second Village retirement housing community is a large-scale retirement community planned by Jiangyan District Government and contracted by Zhongtian Real Estate. The project covers an area of 229,000 square meters, with a total construction area of 468,800 square meters. It is located on the north side of 328 National Road, south of Yintang Road, and is close to the completed Zhongtian New Village. The surrounding infrastructure is complete, the natural environment is beautiful, and the transportation is convenient. The residence of the elderly is included in the government's ten major projects to benefit the people.
The old-age housing community of Zhongtian Second Village adopts the new British architectural style. The facades are all finished in Kent red, and the moldings and wall skirts are made of imitation stone and real stone paint. The residential buildings are mainly multi-storey elevators, with complete public facilities. There are 6380 square meters of farmer’s market, 1880 square meters of property management rooms and 12,400 square meters of commercial buildings in the small area. It is equipped with underground and outdoor parking lots, outdoor fitness center, reading room, chess room, activity room, etc. Facilities: All kinds of senior activities facilities are available. The interior of the community is planned with senior activities center, leisure plaza, music plaza, sports plaza, play mountain pool, gate court for the elderly, rest gallery, Tai Chi plaza, sports plaza, chat booth and other entertainment configurations.
The community is built into a smart community. The project benefits 6,000 families and 20,000 people. It has the characteristics of “one nationwide and three nationwide pioneers”: it is the nation’s only comprehensive smart community with the largest coverage of affordable housing. It is the first to provide perceivable and interactive government services in the country; it is the first to realize high-end intelligent health and elderly care services in the country; it is the first to build an OTO community ecosystem of "owners + properties + merchants" in the country.
Specialized medical service centers are set up in the community to establish health records for the elderly who settle in, conduct regular health checks, and make appointments for home care treatment to ensure that the elderly can receive the fastest health treatment guarantee. In particular, the Zhongtian Nursing Home can better reflect: helping the elderly in the world, helping the children of the world to fulfill their filial piety, and sharing worries for the party and government.
The community living environment is very pleasant, the greening of the group and the house interpenetrating each other, and the core greening area contrasts with the surrounding lawns, flower beds, and trees. More than 20,000 precious trees, 100,000 square meters of plant landscaping, and a 50-meter-wide urban green belt, together with squares, planks, pavilions, wooden corridors, small bridges, and running water, create a green home. The construction of the Zhongtian Park on the south side is estimated to start in 2018. This park is the largest comprehensive park in Jiangyan, and its area will exceed the already built Renmin Park and Luotang Park.
So far, Zhongtian Second Village has become a residential area with the largest scale, the most complete supporting facilities, the most complete functions, the best environment and the best property management in Jiangyan.
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