Zhongtian Tsinghua Park Phase I

Product description
The first phase of Zhongtian Tsinghua Park is located in the core city of Jiangyan. It covers an area of 90,000 square meters and consists of 16 high-rise buildings with a total construction area of 300,000 square meters. It can be called a new landmark in Jiangyan.
The location advantage cannot be copied: the community is to Huayuan Road in the south, Renmin Park in the east, Renmin Road in the west, and Laotongyang Canal to the north, separated by the water from the provincial key school Jiangyan Middle School; the old Tongyang Canal and the Jianghuang River meet here , Surrounded by two waters, is a treasure of geomantic omen that cannot be met; the whole project blends perfectly with the People’s Park on the east side and the riverside scenery belt on the north side; the riverside landscape promenade—Tsinghua Park, 800 meters in length, connects greenery, squares, and stages And other public facilities, integrating sightseeing, leisure and entertainment.
The surrounding area is complete with complete facilities: close to Licai School and Jiangyan Middle School, only 3 minutes away from the pedestrian street; surrounding banks, supermarkets, hospitals, food, and shopping. Many national brand catering and well-known merchants settled in the commercial podium to fully meet the needs of the owners for food, clothing, housing and transportation.
The planning concept of the community is advanced: the central greening rate is as high as 45.6%; the whole community presents a multi-level form of denseness, open space, low in the south and high in the north. There are 5 underground parking lots in the community, which completely realize the diversion of people and vehicles, ensuring the comfort, privacy and safety of living.
The community property management is perfect: there are more than ten intelligent security systems including infrared monitoring, electronic monitoring, anti-theft alarm, electronic patrol, visual building, background music, etc., and 24 hours of intimate service, to build a safe and comfortable elite life castle.
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