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Project status: Open
Jiangyan Main City Double Key School District Meizhai
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Project address: Intersection of Donghai Avenue and Donghai Road,
Jiangyan District, Taizhou (the former central supermarket area)
Zhongtian Urban Investment|Taoli Jingyuan Project is located in the core section of Jiangyan District, the orthodox core, and the academic mansion, close to the Dongqiao Central Primary School of Jiangyan District, the Fourth Middle School of Jiangyan District, Jiangyan Middle School of Jiangsu Province and other famous schools. It is a new Chinese style building , The high-end residential project not only perfectly demonstrates the location advantages of the new core of the city, especially its breakthrough in quality and connotation, the introduction of the Green City Service Green Alliance, to create a good quality life model for the elderly in their hometown, and bring elegance and harmony to Jiangyan Living atmosphere.
Zhongtian Urban Investment|Taoli Jingyuan Project has a land area of 59567m2 (including 55567m2 for A plot and 4000m2 for B plot), a building area of 1135m2 above ground, a building area of 46500m2 underground, and a plot ratio of 1.9, thus opening a new era of Jiangyan national style aesthetics .
Lee House Type:
1. Super cost-effective-nearly 90% super high room rate;

2. Super transparent-all units are transparent from north to south;
3. Super Founder-the layout of Founder is comfortable;
4. Super high-rise height-3.1 meters excellent floor height;
5. Superhumanity-central hot water circulation system;
6. Super understanding of health-multi-room facing south to care for family health;
7. Super luxury size-14 meters total area width, super large balcony;
8. Super face-dining room and living room;
9. I love the housewife-washing, cutting and cooking all in one go.
The heart-carved building area is about 124m2 & 142m2 Guofeng bungalows, 3.1 meters high, upward expansion to return to comfort, air convection and healthy breathing, Shulang space layout as you wish. 124m2 four bedrooms, two halls and two bathrooms, transparent north-south, luxurious four-bedrooms, about 90% of the room rate used space, a maximum of about 35m2 sunny living room, beautiful scenery dining room integrated design, demonstrating a more noble hospitality, 4 large Space, children are happy, parents are peaceful, three generations are in the same class, one step is in place, without mutual interference.
142m2 four bedrooms, two halls and two bathrooms, four-room facing south, about 14 meters south facing the daylighting surface, abundant natural light, covering every corner of life, giving every family a healthier care, the largest size is about 43m2 sunny living room, beautiful dining room One-piece design, unimaginable and comfortable living room, 1.8 meters deep, about 13m2 large balcony, reading, tasting, enjoying the scenery, fitness, and life are very different.
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