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Project status: end in October
Shuangshui'an sports smart community
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Address: Jiangyan District, Taizhou • Intersection of Jiangyan Avenue and Hangzhou Road
Zhongtian Country Garden|Phoenix Terrace is located at the intersection of the two main roads of Shanghai Road and Chenzhuang Road, above the district government’s south dragon vein, within 800 meters of walking distance, the intersection of two commercial bodies (Lanyue Life Plaza, Sanshui Plaza), banks , Large supermarkets, catering, KTV, cinemas, medical and other living facilities. The east side leans against the Zhonggan River with beautiful scenery. It can be said to be prosperous when coming out, and quiet when coming in.
The project plans landscape small high-rise and high-rise products. The national top design team adopts the concept of pro-nature, scientific building layout, building according to the scenery, the perfect combination of sunlight, breeze, and landscape vision, giving life to the building and complementing nature and gardens.
Smart community:
1. Direct drinking water system in the garden area: easy to drink, clean and safe for sports in the community;
2. Vehicle identification system, safe and convenient to enter and exit the garage;
3. Intelligent security system: first-class qualification property; owner card entry and exit; electronic pulse wall; smart probe; card entry hall; visual intercom system;
4. Fitness and entertainment system: complete fitness facilities to shape a healthy physique, and abundant children's entertainment facilities to liberate parents' time.
5. Courier automatic delivery system; convenient and fast;
6. Community full wifi system: you can enjoy unlimited data in the garden.
The apartment of the project enjoys the elevator front hall, and the apartment of 140 square meters is privately enjoyed, with the famous family and the supreme experience. The living room and bedroom of the project households are separated to ensure the privacy of the bedroom rest area when it is convenient for housework. The north-south transparent pattern ensures the air flow in the whole house. The north-south double-sided daylighting, bright and quiet windows improve the comfort of the house. Each apartment type respects functionality and practical design considerations, considering both comfort and function, rejecting area waste, giving more gifts, and high room rate.
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