Zhongtian Smart Community

Product description
1. The country's only comprehensive smart community with the largest coverage of affordable housing
Large area. Covering the affordable housing communities Zhongtian New Village and Zhongtian Second Village, with a planned construction area of 720,000 square meters, of which 600,000 square meters have been built;
The population is large. There are 156 residential buildings with nearly 6000 households and a population of nearly 20,000;

Fully functional. Realize a full range of government services, health services, elderly services, property services, security services, business district services, and public services.

2. Take the lead in providing perceivable and interactive government services in the country
Grid + intelligence. Integrate all the elements of the community such as "residents, houses, events, facilities, conditions, and organizations" to form a grid-based and closed-loop process with a six-step closed loop process of "information collection, task establishment, task dispatch, task processing, processing feedback, and verification and settlement". Intelligent and integrated social service system;
Internet + Department Joint Office. Relying on the "Internet +" to promote the connection of the work departments, integrate the departmental work windows into a comprehensive window, and change the "multiple acceptance" to "one-port acceptance";
Remote service + one-time settlement. Residents can use TV, website, and WeChat to inquire about, apply for, and pre-review of service materials at home, so as to reduce the number of residents going back and forth to the lobby and achieve “one-time settlement”;
"One-click call" if something happens. Residents can obtain various convenient services including government affairs at any time through "one-click calling".
3. Take the lead in realizing high-end intelligent health care services in the country
Make an appointment for treatment. At home, you can make an appointment for the diagnosis and treatment services of major hospitals in and outside the country (currently 3977 hospitals in 25 provinces across the country can be covered, including 600 hospitals above the third level);
Intelligent pension IoT perception system. According to the requirements of the National Intelligent Elderly Care Demonstration Project, build an intelligent elderly care IoT perception system for Zhongtian nursing homes and elderly care communities;
Institutional care radiates home care. Establish a new model that relies on professional elderly care institutions such as Zhongtian Nursing Home to provide elderly care and medical services for the elderly in surrounding communities;
4. Take the lead in building an O2O community ecosystem of "owner + property + merchant" in the country
Property companies and manufacturers directly connect to reduce circulation costs, and provide owners with various living services such as clothing, food, housing and transportation. While providing convenience and benefits to owners, they can also make up for property income, realize the healthy development of the relationship between owners, properties and businesses, and change the property The company relies on the single source system of property fee income to realize the sustainable operation of the property.
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