Zhongtian Royal Hot Spring

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  Zhongtian Royal Hot Spring,The only high-end hot spring swimming pool in Jiangyan City, with a full range of facilities. It uses natural hot spring water that is thousands of meters underground, and uses pure natural weak alkaline hot mineral springs. The water temperature is 38 ℃, and it is rich in radon, selenium, and strontium. More than 20 kinds of minerals and trace elements that are beneficial to human health, including oxygen, potassium, sodium, calcium, iron, lithium, magnesium, iodine, etc. The contents of radon, strontium, metasilicic acid, and carbonic acid even exceed the national drinking mineral water standard!
  In addition, the Royal Hot Springs indoor star-rated fitness club is equipped with a running area, a bicycle room, a yoga room, a dancing room and other high-end facilities in the community. It presents the living seats of a small number of spires in Jiangyan, and is the first choice for elites.
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