Yueshan Forest Garden, Jiangning District

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Project Status: Open on 2020-07-01
Yu Fangshan, Yue Jian Zhen Class House
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Polyyue Plaza Building 6·Yueshan Forest Language Sales Center (next to Nanjing Medical University·Jiangsu University of Economics and Trade Metro Station)
Project address: Intersection of Tianyin Avenue and Yinhu Road,
Fangshan, Nanjing
Yueshan Forest Language Supporting Information
Along the track: Line 1
Surrounding businesses: It is about 2.6 kilometers away from the Tianyin Avenue Station of Metro Line 1, and is close to the two main roads of Hongjing Avenue and Nanjing Ring Expressway.
Surrounding landscape: Fangshan Scenic Area
Surrounding traffic: Bus 812 Fangshan Station
Surrounding park: University Town Ecological Park
Surrounding hospital: Nanjing Medical University Mingde Hospital
Surrounding schools: Nanjing Institute of Technology, Nanjing Medical University, Jiangsu Institute of Economics and Trade, Nanjing Vocational College of Tourism, Nanjing Jiangning Primary School, Nanjing Jiangning Senior High School, Tanqiao Primary School, etc.
The project is located opposite the main gate of Fangshan. The project is located in the high-end low-density residential area of Fangshan. Relying on the beautiful Fangshan Scenic Area, the plate is built with high-end low-density quality bungalows and villas. It also has high-quality urban prosperous facilities. The left hand is prosperous and the right hand Blooming.
We are at the foot of the Fangshan Scenic Area, which is the real Fangshan seat. Fangshan, from ancient times to the present, is an area where rich and famous celebrities gather. From the perspective of the urban development of Nanjing, Fangshan is the southern gateway of Nanjing, facing the Purple Mountain. Fangshan Scenic Area is a national AAA-level tourist scenic area, a provincial forest park, and a national geological park. Covering an area of 8.6 million square meters, it covers a large area of virgin forests and more than 360 kinds of plants. The woods are lush and dense, and the negative oxygen ion content is as high as 8000/cm³. In addition to the role of clean air, negative oxygen ions are also called "air Vitamins", the higher the negative oxygen ion content, the better the air. And our Yueshan Forest Language is at the foot of Fangshan Mountain, so you can enjoy the fresh oxygen life at home at close range, so that every breath you take is the enjoyment of life!
In addition to the high-quality ecological landscape facilities of Fangshan Scenic Area, our existing urban facilities are also very complete. First of all, our project is adjacent to the university town section-Jiangning University Town. At present, there are Southeast University, Nanjing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics, Hehai University. There are 25 prestigious universities, including universities, China Pharmaceutical University, Nanjing Medical University, etc., with a strong cultural atmosphere. After years of development, the university town segment has relatively mature urban functions and basic services. Secondly, our project connects Jiangning main road "Tianyin Avenue" from north to south, Tianyin Avenue horizontally connects Tianyuan Road and Chengxin Avenue, and vertically connects Jiangning to Xinjiekou's most important main road "Shuanglong Avenue", which can quickly reach various areas of Nanjing. In addition, the project is close to the bypass expressway and the Changshen expressway. It can quickly reach the prosperous business districts such as Xinjiekou and Hexi within 30 minutes by car. The surrounding three-line subways are surrounded by subway lines 1 and 3, which are the closest to the project. It is the Tianyin Avenue Station on the South Extension Line of Line 1, and the straight line distance is 1.5 kilometers. Metro Line 5, which will be opened in 2022, passes through the main city of Dongshan, Southern New City, Confucius Temple District, Wutaishan Sports Center, Beijing West Road, Hunan Road Commercial Nanjing’s important business districts such as Street and Binjiang Business District, the third-line subway connects the most important commercial resources of the main city. No matter where you go to the city in the future, the very fast traffic will greatly enhance the convenience of travel. Let's take a look at the surrounding commercial facilities. The project is surrounded by 3 core business districts, 3 minutes to the bustling business district of University Town, 15 minutes to enjoy the Dongshan Wanda business district and Baijiahu business district. In addition, the community also plans 20,000 square meters of business, of which 10,000 square meters will be self-supported by our Poly. In the future, we will introduce some well-known brands to build the second Poly Club/Yue Plaza in Jiangning, integrating shopping, food, entertainment, and sports. One, provide one-stop service of eating, drinking and having fun for homeowners who stay at home, and enjoy the prosperity of the city! At the same time, at the foot of Fangshan Park on the south side of the community, Fangshan Tourism Distribution Center is planned in the future, which will become a new commercial center in the area, maximizing to provide you with various commercial services.
We not only have complete transportation and commercial facilities, but also mature educational resources and medical facilities around the project. There is a 12-class kindergarten on the opposite side of the project. Educational land is also planned on the southeast side of the project. The land is used for primary and junior high schools. The land has negotiated with the British Bell Education Foundation and signed a school memorandum. It is planned to introduce bilingual primary and secondary schools and international high schools. It has been included in the construction plan of the Jiangning District Education Bureau in 2019. In addition, there is also a privately-run top school Nanwai Fangshan branch in the area. It is in accordance with the establishment standards of Xianlin Nanwai. It is a branch school directly under Nanwai and recognized by Nanjing people as the top school! You can also check out the medical facilities. There are 3 Class A hospitals within 5 kilometers of the project, namely Nanjing Tongren Hospital, Nanjing Medical University Affiliated Yifu Hospital and Jiangning People's Hospital. Later, an international hospital will be introduced in the high-tech industrial park. The complete medical package is also to protect the health of the owners!
For improvement groups, the basic requirements for living are comfort, convenience, and efficiency. As the Fangshan sector matures, we not only occupy the prosperous urban resources, but also enjoy the extremely scarce ecological mountain resources. It can live quietly, it is the best choice for ideal living!
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