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Three-section elegant facade reconstructs the beauty of Zidong’s human settlements
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City Exhibition Hall Address: Wanda Mao Exhibition Hall, Xianlin Golden Eagle Exhibition Hall
Project address: Nanjing Qixia·Happy Valley
(under construction) next to Gongnong Road 158
Blu-ray Yongjin Yijing Mansion is located in the Happy Valley section of Zidong New District, Nanjing, with Gongnong Road in the east, Guanyaoshan North Road in the south, Zhanshu Road in the west, Zhanshu Road in the west, and Cement Factory Road in the north. A new cultural tourism city built.
The location of our project is also a core location in the living area of the Happy Valley section. The plot is also the most square, and it is the most central location from the commercial and subway in the future.
At present, the lines that have been opened around the project include Metro Line 2 and Line 4. Metro Line 2 runs from Jingtian Road to Youfang Bridge; Metro Line 4 runs from Xianlin Lake to Longjiang, and is also the transfer king of Nanjing Metro, only about 2.5 kilometers away from the project. The currently planned Metro Line 6 has Qixiashan Station, which can directly lead to Nanjing South Station. In the later stage, Metro Line 15 will be planned as an important transportation link for the integration of Nanjing, Zhenjiang and Yangzhou.
The express road network around the project is developed. The Happy Avenue at the door connects Shugang Avenue to Qixia Avenue and National Highway 312, Qixia Avenue to the north, Nanjing Ring Road to Nanjing South Station to the south, and Shanghai-Chengdu Expressway to Xinjiekou to the west. . With the completion of the rapid transformation of National Highway 312 and Shugang Avenue, the traffic around the project will be more convenient. The Nanshi Line on the north side of the project directly connects Yanziji New City to form a scenic belt along the river.
Commercial facilities, lined up from Xianlin Avenue, composed of large businesses such as Xianlin Lake Commercial Circle, Golden Eagle Outlet Commercial Circle, Maqun Commercial Circle, etc.
Medical package
Modern people pay attention to their health, and advanced medical facilities are particularly important. The community hospital on the north side of the elementary school is within 1 km closer to us. It must have been operating before you moved in. Secondly, the Xianlin branch of Jiangsu Provincial Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine has also decided to settle in Xianlin Lake, facing Wanda Mao across Xianlin Avenue. It will be built in accordance with the standards of a public tertiary general hospital. Construction will start in 2018 and is expected to be put into operation in 2021. These medical packages will surely protect the health of you and your family.
Educational Resources
In terms of educational facilities, Xianlin itself is an area rich in educational resources. Nanjing Foreign Language Primary and Middle School, which is across the street from our project, will start enrolling students in September this year. At present, the Nanjing Municipal Education Bureau requires all school districts to be divided after delivery, using the principle of proximity. I believe we are close enough.
With the rapid development of the Happy Valley section, the government plans to vigorously introduce high-quality educational resources. In addition to the three kindergartens, there are 4 educational sites on the west side of the plot. I believe that with the introduction of more high-quality educational resources, the project will have more potential for appreciation.
Humanistic environment and natural environment
In addition to the complete basic facilities, we also have unique natural resources: three mountains, one river and one park, Qixia Mountain to the west, Lijia Mountain to the east, and Guanyao Mountain to the Yangtze River and Binjiang Wetland Park to the north.
We not only possess natural resources that cannot be retested, but also a uniquely renovated mountain park in Nanjing. While enjoying the gifts of nature, you can also enjoy the crystallization of human wisdom.
In a good community, from the facade to the public area, landscape design, vegetation and greening, we will consider the practicality and comfort of the owner after moving in. We not only start with quality, but also pay attention to details. At the same time, six intelligences are used, so that the owners who live in it can experience the sense of dignity and the convenience brought by technology.
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