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Project status: 2020-08-29 open
A great scene in the city, watching from the park, Blu-ray One
The city showroom is open
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City showroom address:
50 meters south of the intersection of Huayuan Road and Xiqiao South Street, Jiangyan District (formerly Zhongtian Tsinghua Park Marketing Center)
Room 111, Building 3, Oriental Everbright City, 99 Renmin Middle Road,
Jiangyan (Opposite to the Yellow River Hotel)
Project address: next to Luotang Park in the middle of Jiangyan District
The project was developed by Taizhou Zhongtian Holdings and Blu-ray to develop Jiangyan, and Jinggong grinds Zhongtian Blu-ray|Yongjin Garden to precipitate the city's deeper cultural heritage.
Blu-ray Development, an enterprise born in the land of abundance. Since its establishment in 1990, after 30 years of prosperous years, following the direction of light, it has never moved forward.
On April 16, 2015, Blu-ray Development (600466.SH) completed its listing on the Shanghai Stock Exchange. In 2019, Blu-ray Development has been on the list of China's top 100 comprehensive real estate companies for 13 consecutive years, ranking 21st, and ranking 4th among the top 100 real estate companies for growth.
Luotang Sub-district, under the jurisdiction of Jiangyan District, Taizhou City, Jiangsu Province, is an important part of the central city of Jiangyan District and the location of the old city of Jiangyan. The sector has taken off at a speed visible to the naked eye in recent years, and the popularity and livability index have increased significantly, and the value of the sector has gradually become prominent.
In terms of traffic, it is close to the automobile passenger transportation center. The Sanshui Avenue to the west is the first two-way eight-lane urban arterial road in Jiangyan, which plays an important role in the structure of Jiangyan's urban road network.
At the south of the project, the Ninghai Line can be directly transferred to G328 Haijiang Expressway, which is only about 15 minutes' drive from the main urban area of Taizhou. With complete supporting facilities such as bus stations and bicycle rental points, and an efficient and complete transportation system, the sector is closely connected with various areas of Taizhou.
It is worth mentioning the surrounding educational resources. The project is close to Licai Experimental School, Qichen Kindergarten, Chengnan Experimental Primary School, Nanyuan School, and Luotang Senior High School. The surrounding kindergartens, elementary schools, junior high schools, and high schools have all educational resources, surrounded by prestigious schools.
In addition, the branch of Taizhou Second People's Hospital and Luotang Park are located on the northwest side of this block.
From the old city to the present renewed vitality, the value of this area will realize a full explosion.

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