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        Taizhou Chunhui Property Management Co., Ltd. is a professional property service company under Taizhou Zhongtian Holding Group Co., Ltd. Its business covers real estate marketing planning, real estate information consulting, resident services, housekeeping services, preliminary site services, laundry services, parking services, Sales of building materials, installation and maintenance of water and electricity, house leasing, catering services, landscaping management, etc.

        Zhongtian Holding Group Co., Ltd., as the "time-honored brand" and "golden sign" of Jiangyan real estate enterprise, endorses with strength and products, deeply cultivates Jiangyan, spreads across the country, builds reputation with strength, and wins reputation with responsibility. In 28 years, Zhongtian Holding Group has created nearly 30 beautiful homes, such as Zhongtian New Village, Zhongtian Second Village, Zhongtian Yuyuan, Zhongtian Tsinghua Garden, Zhongtian Taoli Mansion, Zhongtian Taoyuan Yaju and other well-known communities are well-known in Jiangyan. Respected by the people, Zhongtian's brand recognition, reputation and loyalty are all at the forefront of the industry.

        At present, Jiangyan District has a population of more than 800,000. Nearly 20% of all owners in Jiangyan District are enjoying the attentive service of Zhongtian Property. The Chunhui case department provides high-quality case services for real estate projects such as Zhongtian Taolijingyuan and Zhongtian Taoyuan Yaju. Based on the quality of case services of domestic good property service companies, it has won unanimous praise from customers and promoted the case with strength. The performance of the field sales team.

        Zhongtian Chunhui's property management team has undergone professional training from a well-known property company in the country-Greentown Property, and has the professional management quality of a better property service company. It has gathered many property management professionals with property management experience and has a better team service team. Company organizational structure: Property Department, Engineering Department, Quality Department, Order Department, Customer Service Department, Environment Department, Finance Department, Administration and Personnel Department, Case Field Department. The company implements the general manager responsibility system under the leadership of the group board of directors. The company’s senior management has rich experience in property management, with more than ten years of experience in various types of property management covering apartments, pre-stage sites, communities, commercial and residential integration, hospitals, government units, schools, etc. Implement scientific, standardized and modern management technology, maintain a management level that keeps pace with the times and extremely high service standards.

        Since its establishment, the company has been determined to adhere to the Zhongtian brand strategy, in line with the service concept of "sincere, sincere, and true service", adhere to the team spirit of health, happiness, success, truth, simplicity and nature, with "exquisite service, meticulous service" As the service standard, we actively pursue the business policy of "improving high-quality services for developers and providing worry-free quality services for owners".

        In addition, Chunhui people have always adhered to the responsibility concept of "not forgetting the original heart and keeping the mission in mind", facing the society and customers, actively researching and practicing the new ideas of multiple operations of property management enterprises, relying on the strong talents and capital advantages of the group, Good social and economic benefits have been achieved in enterprise management and operation.
        Looking forward to the future, Chunhui Property will focus its development on various external services such as case properties, community properties and properties of government-related units as its main development direction. The company will, as always, concentrate on creating an outstanding brand image of Zhongtian Chunhui Property, and aspire to become a benchmark enterprise in this industry, as a Zhongtian brand to enhance its brilliance. Take yesterday’s success as the starting point for today and move towards a better tomorrow.



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