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Project Status: Opening on 2020-08-08
Main City·Double School·Humanity Mansion
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Project address: Intersection of Donghai Avenue and Donghai Road,
Jiangyan District, Taizhou (the former central supermarket area)
  Zhongtian Urban Investment | Taoyuan Yaju Project, it is created by our company and state-owned Jiangyan Urban Investment. The group has been committed to the continuous research and development of products, taking "improving the quality of living" as its mission, and has successively developed representative quality projects such as Zhongtian Tsinghua Garden, Zhongtian Imperial Court and Taoli Mansion. The Taoyuan Yaju project, as the first work since the company’s conglomerate, is the opening work of 2020. It will become another masterpiece of Zhongtian Group in Jiangyan in terms of garden planning, product planning or community intelligent design.
The total area is about 50,000 square meters, and the total construction area is 83,000 square meters, including 65,000 square meters for residential buildings and 18,000 square meters for commercial buildings. There are a total of 17 residences in the community, consisting of 7 small high-rise buildings, 8 superimposed buildings and 2 townhouses, with a total of 397 households. The products are relatively rich and can meet your various needs. The small high-rise area is 97 to 240 square meters, and the villa is 220-280 square meters. The community has two entrances and exits in the east and north, and the east is the main exit. It adopts a full-person vehicle diversion design, and the parking space ratio reaches 1:1.1, which guarantees the high-quality living environment in the community and the residential safety of the owners. The south side is a style and commercial hospitality, which is the only complex in the area. In the future, there will be branded supermarkets, hotels, etc., which will greatly provide community owners with life convenience. The whole project adopts the traditional Chinese style, exquisite and elegant, with the historical and cultural charm of Jiangyan and the feeling of a paradise. The school district is also one of the biggest highlights of our project. There are many famous schools around the project, such as Kanghua Kindergarten, Kanghua Primary School, Second Affiliated Middle School, Jiangzhong, and Licai Middle School, which can satisfy your child's 12-year elite education. The project is separated by a wall from Kanghuashi Primary School, which is convenient for your transportation. Kanghuashi Primary School's education quality is second to none in Jiangyan, and the teaching staff is particularly strong. The Second Affiliated Middle School has always been a provincial key junior high school, and it is also a key source of students in Jiangzhong; Jiangzhong is only 7 or 8 minutes away from this project, and Jiangzhong, as a provincial key high school, has always performed well and is known as the "college entrance examination champion" Reputation. 2 kilometers to the south of the project is our best private junior high school Licai Middle School in Jiangyan, and to the east is the newly built Kanghua Kindergarten, which gathers the most superior educational resources in Jiangyan. It's not so much buying a house and buying a property as buying the future.
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